Asset management strategies of retirement pension plan are established considering
each participating employer’s (DB Plan) and employee’s (DC Plan) investment style, financial conditions and ages



Unwilling to accept risk / volatillity

안정형, 안정추구형, 위험중립형, 적극투자형, 공격투자형 5개 가운데, 안정형은 수익성과 리스크가 가장 낮습니다.

추천 자산배분

정기예금 80%, 채권형 수익증권 20%


  • The model portfolio above focuses on distributing the weights placed on profitability and risk, and can be modified according to investor needs.
    At plan implementation, Hana Bank provides the optimal portfolio through corporate financial consulting for defined benefit plans, and through employee investment education and investor analysis for defined contribution plans. Hana Bank will continue to provide new portfolios with future changes in the economic environment