Additional Services

Hana Bank provides exclusive services for participants in Hana Bank’s retirement pension plan

Services for companies

Additional services provided for corporate participants

  • Integrated Asset Management System IQBank CMS(BicNet)

    As a customized asset management system linked to financial institutions’ online banking system, it permits the integrated management of hundreds of accounts opened at a number of financial institutions, as well as real-time handling of various payment functions and collection services including bulk payment, B2B electronic payment, bill management, corporate card management, electronic tax invoice. In addition, it automatically handles repetitive payment receipt, the cost and time of asset management are reduced, and asset management-related accidents can be prevented through real-time monitoring of financial transaction status.

    How to apply: contact a Hana Bank branch

  • Hana Smart BRANCH
    • Install a ‘Cyber Hana Bank’ banner on the corporate intranet
    • Clicking on the banner leads to a range of banking services
    1. Convenience for executives and staff
    2. Time savings for executives and staff
    3. Enhanced concentration at work
    4. Higher productivity

    How to apply: contact a Hana Bank branch

  • Other consultation and advisory services
    • Tax consultation
      Tax consultation provided by a tax accountant
    • Labor advisory service
      One-on-one consulting services provided by a certified public labor attorney for inquiries regarding HR, labor, etc., or needs to acquire information in those fields
    • Asset management consulting
      Asset management consulting service for the integrated management of corporate pension liability and assets
    • Retirement pension seminar
      Online or on-site training for provision of retirement pension information, task handling process information, etc.

    How to apply: contact a Hana Bank branch