Corporate IRP

A type of retirement pension in which each employee concludes their own contract with the pension provider.
  • When an employer with fewer than 10 regular employees subscribes to an IRP (Corporate IRP) through the consent of employees, it is recognized as having established retirement pension system.
  • Operation is similar to that of the DC plan.
  • The employer provides contributions equivalent to at least 1/12th of the average annual salary of each subscriber into their IRP plan, and the subscriber may make additional contributions beyond those provided by the employer.
  • Responsibility for operating results lies with the employee.
  • Adoption and operation of the plan is straightforward, as there is no need to enact regulations and report to the Ministry of Labor.

기업형IRP - 상품선택:근로자, 자산운용의책임:근로자, 운용의 결과:근로자에 귀속(근로자는 본인 부담으로 추가납입이 가능)

  • 기업-기업이 적립
  • 퇴직연금사업자 - 근로자가 직접 운용 및 관리
  • 근로자 - 개인형퇴직금제도 의무이전, 일시금 또는 연금수령

기업은 퇴직연금사업자에게 부담금 사업확정을 하며, 퇴직연금사업자는 근로자에게 퇴직급여 변동이 있습니다.

Depositor Protection

  • This plan is protected under the Depositor Protection Act only for reserves invested in financial products subject to depositor protection. In such cases, protection is limited to KRW 50 mil per person, which is apart from the depositor protection limit for your other financial products. The amount in excess of KRW 50 mil is not subject to protection.